Redneck Kreations

Where everything is "Simply  Made Elegant"

Hello and Welcome to Redneck Kreations
This is where you will find that unique handmade item you are looking for to compliment your wardrobe, home decor or to give as a wonderful one of a kind gift for any occasion.  

Now for a little about me: This actually started about 40 years ago when I was a young woman growing up in small town America during a time when you would grow what you ate and make any items that you needed. I had the typical Redneck upbringing and still believe that the simple way of life is the best way. I found through creating all of the things I needed as a growing girl that I had a flare for coming up with good ideas and I really loved creating all of those simply made yet elegant items. I have given many family members my wonderful creations as gifts which they love and cherish to this day. I officially started making my items to sell in 1998 when I was living in Texas.  While in Texas I became a bit bored and needed something to take up the extra time on my hands so I started creating items for people I would meet who needed something special for an occasion and now many years later I have turned my boredom relief into a business I love to work at and which has been a life long passion for me.
Now Y'all know the story about how needing something has created not only a dedicated artist but one who wishes to fulfill those same needs for you with the beauty of something that was "Simply Made Elegant".  
Please enjoy your visit here looking at the many items that I have created  and deciding which ones you will have me create for you.
                                                          Thank you for your interest in my useful art,
                                                                      Frankie (Frances Glennon)

Redneck Kreations is a waste conscious company our Items are made with up-cycled and recycled materials wherever possible. We also use recycled shipping materials whenever possible.